International Workshop on Advanced/Academic Software Development Tools and Techniques

Please visit the WASDETT-4 site for the call for papers for WASDETT @ ECOOP 2013

The WASDeTT workshop series is motivated by the observation that tools and tool building play an important role in applied academic software engineering research. Tools are both the tangible results of research projects, and -more and more- tools serve the purpose of laboratory and field instruments.

While tool building is popular it is hard to do right. For a tool to actual reach its goal, validating theory or observing reality, a significant engineering and intellectual investment is required.

Given the importance of tool building and the significant challenges associated with it, our workshop allows interested researchers to share their tool building experiences and to explore how tools can be constructed more effectively and efficiently.

The purpose of WASDeTT is to gather researchers working on different tools, providing a forum where they can talk about common issues relevant to all tool builders, and builders of academic research prototypes in particular. Like previous WASDeTT instances, this one also prepares for an Experimental Software and Toolkits (EST) special issue of Elsevier's Science in Computer Programming journal, where tool construction results are disseminated.